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for human rights is demanding that the u.n. security council investigate syria for crimes against humanity. this is the estimated death toll of the unrest in the country, reaching 5000. despite the government's crackdown, syrian tv broadcast, wall-to-wall coverage of local elections taking place, but internet images show continued street battles. an estimated 23 people were killed tuesday alone in homs and other city centers. in new york, the german master westerwelle wanted to introduce further tough measures against the assad government. iran has rejected a request by the united states to return captured spite drone and says that plane is now the property of iran. the foreign -- the foreign ministry said instead of asking for the drawn back, washington should apologize for violating their airspace. iran's scientists are now analyzing the aircraft technology. iran announced last week that it had downed the unmanned u.s. spy plane in the east of the country. canada still has a legal obligation under u.n. rules to cut its emissions, that despite the country's pullout from the kyoto protocol
than in march as it originally planned. >>> an opposition group in syria has accused the government of staging terror attacks in the capital to justify its crackdown on protesters. state-run television says at least 30 people were killed in damascus on friday in what appeared to be two suicide bombings. it showed the blast sites and said the incidents will be investigated by arab league observers. the government blamed the attacks on islamic extremists, but an anti-government group told nhk the government staged the attacks to deceive the arab league observers and justify its crackdown on protesters. the u.s. state department says the united states condemns the bombings in damascus in the strongest terms. it says there's no justification for terrorism of any kind and that it's crucial the bombings not impede the work of the arab league monitoring mission. >>> a revolt in a village in southern china appears to be growing. thousands of people are stepping up their protests against plans to build a thermal power plant. hong kong media say people from the village of haimen blocked a hig
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2